A great day for all that
attended!  We started with a
happy hour at the Café
Supreme.  Then we traveled to
the stomping grounds of a lot of
us, Irwin Park (formerly known
as Irwin Playground).  There we
had a wonderful afternoon of
socializing with a catered lunch
Bob Evans.  Later in the
day we had a "concert in the
park" with the music of  
Angel & the Halos.
Happy 65th Birthday
Class of '65
L-R Karen Dailey(Ellis), Linda
(Bonacci), Tana Fairfax(Wilkinson)
L-R Peggy Noel(MacLaughlin), Sharon
Gardner(Robinson) Toni Sue Trout(Bramson)
Diane Sturm
L-R Fran Cina, Ken Cina. Laura Bower,
Bill Bower, Rich McConnell
L-R Peggy Noel(MacLaughlin, Anita
Garman, Gary Garman
L-R Karen McCauley (Kerestes),
Lorraine Forsyth (Lambert)
L-R Bob Ralph, Sally Ralph
L-R Laura Bower, Vicki Johns Hastings
L-R Paula DiBiase (Gilkey). Toni Sue
Trout (Bramson))
L-R Rich McConnell, Diane
Kennell (Smetak)
L-R Erlene Berger (Muller), Beverly
Cook (Nicolette)
L-R Joyce Osley (Money), Kim Money,
Becky Adams(Parry-Jadlocki
L-R Al Klaus. Kathy Kunkle(Klaus),Peggy
Noel(MacLaughlin), Bill MacLaughlin, Charlene
Johnson(Linsenmayer), Kathie Cook(Watson),
Dan Watson
L-R Linda Joseph(McConnell), Rich
McConnell, Jerry Green
L-R Sally Ralph, Jerry Green
L-R Rich McConnell, Sandy Egidio (Cole)
L-R Ray Shirey, Bill MacLaughlin
L-R Carmela Tempero, Janice Wray
L-R Kathy Burkley, Mary Ann Lauffer
L-R Jerry Bevan, Linda Truxal (Abruzere)
L-R Pam Rizzo (Connolly), Andrea
Veverka (Hall)
L-R Sharon Gardner(Robinson), Diane
Sturm, Anita Garman
(Rev) Rich Bohon
Front - Andrea Veverka (Hall), Carol Nartic
(Luzanski) Back - Jim Hayden. Lynn Nichols
(Hayden), Charlene Johnson (Linsenmayer) Gary
Linsenmayer, Standing - Vicki Johns (Hastings)
L-R Bill MacLaughlin, Janice Wray,
Kathy Kunkle (Klaus), Carmela Tempero
Center - Theresa Maksimchuk, Sam
Maksimchuk  Back - Karen McCauley
(Kerestes), Rich McConnell, Paul Bramson
Wayne and Judi Smith (Holt)
Charlotte (Chi-Chi) Yanizeski (Bernard),
Diane Sturm, Paula DiBiase (Gilkey)
Sharon Gardner (Robinson), Jay Tray
L-R Anita Garman, Gary Garman Peggy
Noel (MacLaughlin) Bill MacLaughlin,
Lynn Nichols (Hayden)
L-R Janice Wray, Sandy Egidio (Cole),
Peggy Noel (MacLaughlin) Bill MacLaughlin
Johnny Angel & the Halos
L-R Toni Trout Bramson Shirlee Stephenson
Malazich, Vicki Johns Hastings, Connie Smith
Ribar, Patty Painter Bass