Celebrating 50 Years
August 7th, 2015 at Antonelli's Event Center
As always, the class of 65 ROCKS!! We had an extremely successful 50th Reunion.  
The photos included were taken during the celebration.  The Friday night cocktail
party was held at the Antonelli Event Center in Irwin.  We thank Gregg Antonelli
and staff for a very enjoyable evening.
Left L-R Rich McConnell,  *Jim
Morgan, Vickie Downey Flaherty,
Judie Johnston Morgan
Right L-R *Maureen Serafin, Jim
Serafin, Pauline Lazar Saxman
and Vickie Downey Flaherty
Above L-R Doug Richards, and
Will Stern
Left L-R Becky Wilhelm
Kriebel, Frank Nespoli, Dave
Spudy, *Connie Nespoli.  Back
row Mary Ann Lauffer, Sandy
Guy Daugherty
Below photos (*) indicates spouse or guest of classmate
Right L-R Tom Altman and Jill
Hudson Gentile
Above L-R Charlene Johnson
Linsenmayer, Robin Prady,
Gary Linsenmayer, Linda
Truxal Abruzere, Cheri Milliken
Right L-R Kathy Kunkle Klaus,
Ellen Davison Winnick, Carmela
Left L-R Len Oddo *Sharon
Above - Rod Ruby
Left L-R Linda Swenson Bonacci,
Peggy Noel MacLaughlin
Above L-R Karen Beyer Kerber,
Sandy Guy Daugherty, Becky
Weeber Rudesill, Lynn Nichols
Hayden, Jim Hayden
Right L-R *Tom Wilkinson, Tana
Fairfax Wilkinson, Carolyn Dedo
Neel, Don Breig
Left L-R Larry Lentz, Jeff Meert,
*Sharyn Meert
Above L-R Nick Massung,
*Lois Dick, Jim Dick
Right L-R *Ana Aldana, *Theresa
Maksimchuk, *Maureen Serafin,
Jim Serafin, Sandy Guy Daugherty
Left L-R Betty Hemple Brinko,
Tom Colinear, *Nancy Colinear
Above - Michele Zona Clark
Right L-R *Sandy Good, Jerry
Bevan, Dave Good
Left L-R Carmela Tempero,
Linda Dunn Klager, Bob Ralph,
*Alfred Klager
Above L-R *Al Klaus, Jim
Frank, Carol Nartic Luzanski
Right L-R Roberta Casagrande
Jenkins, *Ron Jadlocki, *Laura
Bower, Bill Bower
Left L-R Jerry Green, *Linda
Sikora, Becky Adams Jadlocki
Above - L-R  George Rain, Jim
Hellman, *Millie Rain, Elaine
Hrapchak Gutwald
Right L-R Candy Highducheck
Ulishney, Kathie Cook Watson,
Kathy Kunkle Klaus
Above - Charlene Johnson
Linsenmayer, Gary Linsenmayer
Left L-R Erlene Berger
Muller,Sharon Gardner
Robinson, the Norwin Knight,
Linda Truxal Abruzere
L-R *Sally Ralph, Mary Ann Lauffer, Frank Nespoli, Becky
Wilhelm Kriebel, Linda Joseph McConnell, Rich McConnell,
Sandy Guy Daugherty, Ernie Litterini, *Connie Nespoli
L-R Jim Serafin, Jeff Meert
Above L-R Robin Prady, Pat Trimble, The
Norwin Knight, Jim Zook *Connie Nespoli, Linda
Truxal Abruzere
L-R, Jim Dick, Linda Joseph McConnell
Right L-R Robin Prady, Jill Hudson Gentile, The
Norwin Knight, Jim Zook, Connie Hamilton
A wonderful night with great
expectations for the Pig Roast!
Faculty members in attendance: L-R Don Katic, Roy
Reese, Bob Nicely,  *Donna Nicely
Above L-R Gary Linsenmayer, Tana
Fairfax Wilkinson, Dean Auckerman