Norwin '65 Pig Roast
Saturday August 8th, 2015 - Mt Odin Park
Heather Lund Pavilion
Mt Odin Park
Greensburg, PA
By proclamations of Westmoreland County Commissioners
Presented by Commissioner Ted Kopas
Norwin Graduate Class of 1991
Let the Party Begin
Good Food and Good Company Made the Day Great!
L-R Connie Hamilton Schaefer, Jack Smith, Carla Conard Rusnica, Commissioner Ted Kopas
(Norwin '91) *Bob Gutwald, The Norwin Knight, Bill Lewis, Elaine Hrapchak Gutwald, George
Fohner, Phil Cortese, Tom Altman, Jim Serafin, Michele Baran O'Donnell
L-R Bill Lewis, Carla Conard Rusnica, Michele
Baran O'Donnell
L-R Ron Raspet, Dave Spudy, Sandy Guy
Daugherty, Jill Hudson Gentile
L-R Ernie Litterini, *Denice Litterini
L-R Len Oddo, Frank Nespoli, Jeff Meert
L-R Judie Johnston Morgan, Becky
Adams Jadlocki, Marty Ed Juliano
L-R Faculty members Chuck Moore
and Jack Donnelly
Back - Len Oddo, Jeff Meert  Sitting -
*Ron Jadlocki, Tim Morgan, Frank Nespoli
Back - *Barbara Shellgren  Front L-R Jim
Hellman, Carl Shellgren
Front - *Grace Boyd, Dan Boyd
L-R Linda Smith, Peggy Noel MacLaughlin, Linda
Truxal Abruzere, Judi Smith Holt, Peggy Sisk Vale
L-R Becky Weeber Rudesill, Janis Garofalo Remington,
*Mel Remington, Dan Boyd, Lynn Vorek Moore
L-R *Paul Bramson, Pauline Lazar Saxman,
*Sharon Oddo, Back *Jim Saxman
L-R Jerry Green, *Linda Sikora *Don Moore
L-R Barbara Dempsey Harskowitch, *Cindy Cortese,
Gwen Johnson
L-R Janice Wray, Connie Hamilton Schaefer, Doug
Richards, Will Stern
L-R Mary Ann Lauffer, Becky Wilhelm Kriebel, *Connie
Nespoli, Phil Cortese, Back - *Mary Luke, Jim Luke
L-R Larry Harskowitch, *Bob Harskowitch
L-R *John Fuoto, Janet Staymates Fuoto, Jeanne Piper
L-R Gloria Brown Wolfe, Bob Miller
Jim Morgan
L-R Back- Janis Garofalo Remington, Toni Trout
Bramson  Front - Candy Highducheck Ulishney
L-R Peggy Sisk Vale, Linda Smith
L-R Ron Raspet, *Connie Nespoli, Jim Moffatt
L-R *Judy Fohner, Gwen Johnson, Pauline Lazar
L-R Jack Donnelly, Ken Burkley
The Committee - L-R Becky Adams Jadlocki, Ken
Burkley, Sandy Guy Daugherty, Jeanne Piper
Snyder, Linda Joseph McConnell, Rich McConnell
Bending Carla Conard Rusnica,
L-R Standing Bill MacLaughlin,
Dean Auckerman, Peggy Noel
L-R Len Oddo, Ken Burkley
Carol Nartic Luzanski
L-R Michele Baran O'Donnell,
Jeanne Piper Snyder
Seated - *Ana Aldana, Standing
- Nick (Henry) Massung
Seated - Jim Zook, Standing -
Jim Hayden
L-R Don Breig, Carolyn Dedo Neel
L-R Bill MacLaughlin, Peggy Noel MacLaughlin,
Jack Donnelly
Put it together
and they will
come. . . .
. . . .they filled
the place!!!!
See you all the next time!!!!!!!
L-R Bill MacLaughlin, Peggy Noel MacLaughlin,
Jack Donnelly
L-R Bob Ralph, *Dick Daugherty
L-R Carmela Tempero, Kathy Kunkle Klaus,
Elaine Hrapchak Gutwald
L-R Toni Trout Bramson, Patrick Trimble, Robin
L-R Nick Massung, *Ana Aldana, Sam Maksimchuk,
*Theresa Maksimchuk, *Maureen Serafin
L-R Dean Auckerman, Candy Highducheck Ulishney,
Sharon Gardner Robinson, *Billie Shirey, Ray Shirey
L-R Paula Dibiase Guilkey, Ginny Gongaware
O'Rourke, Pat Lazar Wheaton, Jerry Green
L-R *Melinda Miller, *Michele Ruby, Vickie Downey
Flaherty, *Bill Flaherty
L-R Jerry Frick, Charlene Johnson Linsenmayer,
Jerry Bevan
L-R Sandy Guy Daugherty, Janet Staymates Fuoto,
Charlene Johnson Linsenmayer
Pam Bittner Donnelly
Janet Staymates Fuoto
L-R Vickie Downey Flaherty, Pat Lazar Wheaton
L-R *Judy Fohner, George Fohner
L-R *Mary Luke, Jim Luke
L-R Becky Weeber Rudesill, Becky Wilhelm Kriebel,
Pam Rizzo Connelly, Becky Adams Jadlocki, *Connie
Nespoli, Sandy Guy Daugherty, Mary Ann Lauffer,
*Sally Ralph "Cheerleaders of Today"
L-R Connie Smith Ribar, Michele Zona Clark, Vicki
Johns Hastings
L-R Cheri Milliken Vallecorsa, Linda Truxal Abruzere
L-R Penny Homer Crowe, *Judy Fohner
L-R Becky Adams Jadlocki, Sandy
Guy Daugherty
Janis Garofalo Remington
Gary Linsenmayer
L-R Rich McConnell, *Mary Luke, Jim Luke,
Peggy Noel MacLaughlin, Janice Wray
Erlene Berger Muller
L-R Linda Joseph McConnell, Vicki Johns Hastings
L-R Rich McConnell, Peggy Noel MacLaughlin,
Janice Wray, Bill MacLaughlin
A great time was had by all!!
L-R Connie Hamilton Schaefer, Linda
Joseph McConnell
L-R Mary Kay Hetherington Johnson, *Bob
Harskowitch, Barbara Dempsey Harskowitch,
Larry Harskowitch
L-R Doug Richards, Will Stern